How xChange13 Customer Speakers Are Like Crockett and Tubbs

“Knowing the answers doesn’t make it any easier.” – Det. Sonny Crockett, Miami Vice

Crockett and Tubbs solved major Miami crimes in about 42 minutes of air time. At xChange13, Serena’s global user conference from September 16-18, the presenters have just 50 minutes to share their knowledge and wisdom so that you can solve your own technology challenges.

This week we announced most of the customer-led breakout sessions; with more to come next week. They are an incredible collection of sessions that take your product knowledge to the next level through real, practical examples and experiences.

Here are some of the highlights. I’ll have more next week:

  • From world-leading Abbott Labs: how to eliminate the paper-based bureaucracy in the organization.
  • From industry trailblazer Sungard: how small teams can be more agile and more effective rolling out new systems.
  • From renowned Kingman Medical Center: how to make the learning curve short, actionable and successful.

And the session I am looking forward to the most:

  • From celebrated Brighthouse Networks: how to automate process in every corner of the business.

Whether you are using SBM in the cloud, ChangeMan ZMF on the mainframe, or any one of our unique solutions: there is a customer session, or two, just for you. Check out the full list on the xChange web pages.

As Sonny Crockett says, “Knowing the answers doesn’t make it any easier,” but talking to someone who has solved it already does make it so much easier. To be part of the xChange, register today while the special pricing is still available.

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