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Information Updated: 9/8/2016

It is amazing the amount of data internet users are creating each day! The majority of data is created by individual users via social media. It is a never ending feed of information. Let’s take a deeper look with the help of this awesome infographic. (Click to view the full-size image – Click the resulting image to Zoom in!)
It has been one year after we initially published the information from 2014, and now we have new data to see how much a year can make. Check it out!

The Amount of Data Created Each Day on the Internet in 2016

Here are some very interesting stats gleaned from the data in the image above, and data in their previous reports. Since 2011, the overall global population of people using the internet has grown 60 percent, from 2 Billion internet users to more than 3.4 billion people in 2016.

Each minute of every day the following happens on the internet:

  • Since 2013, the number of Twitter posts increased 25% to more than 350,000 Tweets PER MINUTE!
  • Youtube usage has more than tripled in the last two years, with users uploading 400 hours of new video each minute of every day!
  • Instagram users like 2.5 Million posts every minute!
  • Since 2013, the number of Facebook Posts shared each minute has increased 22%, from 2.5 Million to 3 Million posts per minute. This number has increased more than 300 percent, from around 650,000 posts per minute in 2011!
  • Facebook users also click the like button on more than 4 Million posts every minute! That is nearly 6 BILLION Facebook posts liked each day!
  • Around 4 Million Google searches are conducted worldwide each minute of everyday.
  • Finally, 4 Million Text messages are sent each minute in the US alone!

If we do some quick calculations, we can see the amount of data created on the internet each day. There are 1440 minutes per day…so that means there are approximately:

  • 500 Million Tweets sent each day!
  • More than 4 Million Hours of content uploaded to Youtube every day!
  • 3.6 Billion Instagram Likes each day.
  • 4.3 BILLION Facebook messages posted daily!
  • 5.75 BILLION Facebook likes every day.
  • 40 Million Tweets shared each day!
  • 6 BILLION daily Google Searches!

And don’t think with these increases in social media, that email is going away any time soon! According to The Radacati Group, 205 BILLION EMAILS are sent each day in 2015, and by 2019 that number will increase to 20% to 246 Billion emails each day!

That is a staggering amount of information and data created each day on the internet. Just imagine how much of that data created each day is created by employees while they are on the clock. Want to learn how much time your employees are wasting each day. What if we could help you monitor, capture and filter your corporate social media?

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Image Credit: – Data Never Sleeps 4.0

Editors note: This post was originally published November 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

Jeff Schultz
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