How Automation, ITIL and the Cloud Affect the DevOps Divide

I recently sat down with Enterprise Systems and discussed the great debate:  Can developers and admins co-exist and improve the enterprise?  Can the gulf between development and operations be bridged?

The questions came from all angles, probably ones that you’ve even asked like:

  • What exactly does it mean for DevOps convergence to take place?
  • Cloud and virtualization have muddied the DevOps waters even more. Can you explain where these two environments fit in?
  • Where does automation technology fit into DevOps?
  • Does adoption of ITIL v3 within the enterprise impact DevOps and co-existence?

The answer to the overall question of bridging the gap is yes.  Development and operations can work together, with the right mindset and processes in place.  Get all the insight and the solution by reading the article, “Q&A: Can Developers and Admins Co-exist and Improve the Enterprise?

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