High quality requirements drive software success – Forrester webcast

A Micro Focus webcast featuring Forrester Research, Inc. and Lockheed Martin.

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Up to 70% of software defects are introduced during requirements gathering and design stages. Improving the quality of requirements has an immediate and dramatic effect on your project’s success. 

This exclusive webcast provides practical guidance on the steps to build in project success from the outset. 


  • Best Practice in Requirements Definition and Management: Forrester senior analyst, Mary Gerush, will discuss the importance of high quality software requirements, the costs of getting it wrong and the tools and best practices that will help you get it right.
  • Real-world experience: Bryan Fangman, Senior Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin Enterprise Business Services, will describe the business impact of automating Lockheed Martin’s requirements definition and management processes with dedicated technologies for the job.
  • Requirements tooling that combine the best of both worlds: CaliberRDM from Micro Focus is the first requirements solution to combine support for requirements definition and ongoing management in a single web-based tool.

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