Harness the power of the Cloud to test your applications

Cloud-based Testing – getting peak performance from your applications

The applications that run your business must perform effectively under extreme pressure.  But performance testing can be a challenge to manage, especially for large-scale and global tests.  Micro Focus’s SilkPerformer CloudBurst is an exciting new offering that answers this challenge with the most powerful unique Cloud-centric solution to drive peak load testing from the Cloud.

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This paper explores the challenges of peak load testing.  Here you’ll learn what to look for in a solution to ensure that you can easily launch, manage, and configure performance tests – and diagnose technical problems fast.

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You must ensure that your core applications perform as demanded.  But when the cost and complexity of performance testing becomes too onerous, it can lead to applications that don’t meet business needs.  In this session, we’ll explore how Micro Focus’ cloud-based peak load testing solution lets you easily manage even the largest load tests and avoid performance issues before they become business issues.

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CloudBurst will be a great choice for many organizations because you do not have to give up on performance diagnosis or a performance testing product that handle all of your applications in order to take advantage of the Cloud.  In this session we will show you how easy it is to use SilkPerformer CloudBurst and how you can drive massive peak loads with very little effort.

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