Growing Momentum and Successful Adoption of Serena Dimensions CM 14

On June 10th I announced Serena Dimensions CM 14 – the best ever, and I am pleased to report that we have now secured a number of successful early adopters, many of whom are live and in production, and attracted a significant number of accounts that are now actively pursuing or planning their implementations and upgrades.

We have seen broad and successful adoption across all regions including Europe, North America, LATAM and Asia Pacific. Reports from our partners, our own Professional Services team and our customers who took advantage of the Free Upgrade Lab, have been overwhelmingly positive. If you are at all hesitating over the upgrade, rest assured that many customers have successfully completed the transition and are now enjoying the many innovations and significant performance improvements delivered in Dimensions CM 14.

Of course, for those who participated in the CM 14 Preview and Beta program, we continue to offer Serena’s greatest gratitude, for you have helped us achieve not only the most innovative release, but the most reviewed, validated and tested. Existing members will shortly hear of more Preview program and Special Interest Group events, as the innovation is set to continue, and we’d love to have you come join us and participate as we collaboratively drive and deliver on our roadmap vision.

We continue to offer the Free Upgrade Lab, which is proving to be an incredibly popular service, and when you receive your full and comprehensive Upgrade Lab report, you will know we are not leaving a stone untouched or a customer left behind in ensuring your successful upgrade and implementation.

We also offer a Ramp Up program, for those customers that wish to take advantage of a free health check, and additional assistance in the planning and execution of a successful upgrade with the very best resources in Serena, including access to the Dimensions R&D team and on-line training videos.

Whether you are on a back release or prior release, we have you covered, and I invite you to contact your local account manager or Serena Support, or simply drop me a line, and we will be very pleased to advise you on the most appropriate service that will result in a smooth and successful Dimensions CM 14 upgrade and implementation.

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