Great Day 1!




The first day of xChange12 is all but in the record books, and a great one it was.

The morning keynote sessions were fun, informative and well received.  We had some 400 people in the room at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center with another 200 tuned into the live webcast.

Kevin Parker welcomed everyone, and then brought up a “surprise” attendee – Doug Serena, CIO.  Doug Serena updated everyone about how his company had acquired their largest competitor, the one they vanquished in the videos, and that he was here at xChange12 to learn how the newest advances in Orchestrated IT could help him bring the new people and systems up to snuff.

John Nugent’s keynote was passionate and informative, after which I had the privilege of interviewing Safeway’s Larry McAuley about his company’s transformation into an Online Agile Enterprise and how Orchestrated IT is helping them make that journey.

Killer demos of the latest in Orchestrated IT systems followed, as did an afternoon of breakouts.

My discussions with attendees indicated that everyone was getting lots out of the proceedings and that lots of ideas are indeed getting xChanged!

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

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