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When a crisis strikes an organization, it is important to be prepared to react. Because time is of the essence and depending on the crisis, it may be necessary for you to have the ability to provide accurate information, without the need for embarrassing retractions or multiple press releases. Recent events like the German wings plane crash and the ensuing rush of misinformation provided to the media, show the need for organizations to have an organized, unified archiving solution for all electronic communication data. Your company needs to be able to quickly access pertinent information, whether it is providing proper information after a tragic event, responding to a lawsuit or an eDiscovery request, protecting the company’s reputation, providing evidence prior to the dismissal of an employee, or even preventing tragedy or harassment before it happens.

Archiving Communication to Benefit Your Business

By using an archiving solution, communication data can not only protect your business in the future, but it can help bring to light potential problems at the workplace prior to an incident. For example, if an employee is struggling with depression or harassment, the archive will record any of the electronic communication that the employee makes. By capturing, monitoring and filtering those electronic files for specific keywords or phrases, management can review the results and help protect against the possibility of a harmful situation. It might seem intrusive and Orwellian, but it could also prevent a tragic event from occurring.

Monitoring & Archiving is Essential

All of your business communication data should be monitored and archived. It is a business best practice. Electronically Stored Information (ESI) such as email, social media posts, mobile communication like SMS & MMS, instant messaging and even web searches should be monitored, filtered, and archived. By monitoring and filtering your company’s communication data, appropriate management or compliance officers can be alerted to inappropriate or harmful situations before they occur. Not weeks or months later when a harassment lawsuit lands on your desk. By filtering, monitoring and archiving enterprise electronic communication you are taking a proactive step in protecting your organization and your employees.

Don’t Risk It, Retain It!

Ensure that your organization is protected from possible inappropriate or preventable incidents, and make certain that if a crisis arises, your company can get the facts straight as quickly as possible. Retain Unified Archiving is a powerful solution to do just that!

Retain archives email and mobile communication data. Retain also monitors, filters and archives social media, instant messaging and web searches. This archived data is stored in one central archive that can be easily accessed and searched. It also includes built-in tools to perform eDiscovery.

With Retain, administrators, compliance officers, and other authorized users, can perform eDiscovery, and complete regulatory tasks such as place litigation holds, print, forward, save, redact, and export with the built-in tools. Messages are easily searched and viewed in their original context. Exported data can be redacted, ensuring that personal information, or other specific portions of content do not become part of the open records request.

Start Today!

Take action today to ensure that your employees, your organization, and your electronic data are protected. By monitoring and archiving now, you can take steps to help prevent a situation from ever occurring, and when something does happen, you can ensure that you have all the information you need.

What to do next?
Here are 5 recommended steps to take:

  1. Create & implement an electronic communication archiving policy for your organization.
  2. Download a 30 day free trial of Retain Here. Give it a try. Kick the tires and see how it can benefit your company.
  3. Read these posts about the benefits of archiving
  4. Learn more about Retain Unified Archiving at
  5. For an in depth overview on the benefits of archiving with Retain watch this recording of our recent webinar “The Retain Unified Archiving Advantage”

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