Gartner Symposium Blog Part Deux – doing things that you don’t understand



OK – so my previous blog post covered some of the more strategic aspects of getting Micro Focus and Borland over the line at Gartner Symposium/IT Expo Orlando. What about the more tactical tasks ? Tell us about the day to day Field Marketing slog I hear you cry – how could I possibly say no?

The Stand

It’s a staple of Gartner events. For our presence to have an effect, I need to have a walking, talking, in-your-face, state-of-the-art, fully-interactive exhibition stand. For Micro Focus and Borland this presents an immediate challenge – we have two very distinct brands to weave together. The hopefully tongue in cheek idea from an unnamed Marketing Director of having Frank Borland ride Kiruba, our Micro Focus Elephant simply won’t impress a bunch of CIOs. Fortunately, with help from our crack, in-house design team and our resident words guy, this quickly takes shape. The to-do list now has a just-done – phew.

A Customer Speaker and an in-house Product Expert (who can speak amazingly well at HUGE live events !)

Again – back to the knowledge theme from blog one. I know that the theme this year is Leading in a Digital World so it’s critical that what we speak about ties in and is full of leading references. Kevin Brearley  who heads up the Micro Focus Products Team was a natural choice – he can light up an audience! But what was he going to speak about and who with? Anyone who know’s anything about Client Success Programs or Customer References understands that finding a customer willing and able to help is as rare as a decent cup of coffee at a trade show. Luckily we found a true leader who can do both. Here’s a virtual introduction to Pete DuPre – Vice President of IT at one of America’s fastest growing Technology companies Vantiv.  Thanks Pete, thanks Kevin, here’s what we settled on agenda-wise:

Barriers to Innovation & Growth

New research shows that unknown amounts of IT debt are creating hidden balance sheet liabilities for many companies, with many unable to even measure. Coupled with the need to embrace mobile and cloud technologies and external legislative demands, what strategy should CIOs adopt and what is the best approach to tackle the legacy challenge?

Presented by Kevin Brearley & Pete Dupre’, Vantiv

Wednesday, October 9, 1:30-2:00pm

(shameless plug – see y’all there… another to do bites the dust)

Managing ‘The Staff’

If you’ve done an event you know just how stressful this can be. But stress testing performance is critical – so you just have to take questions like ‘‘Can I stay at a Hilton property please?’ and ‘Can I wear a suit instead of the company polo-shirt?’ as part of the stress-test process. If you’re not coping with the email questions you’re certainly not going to cope with them at a live event when you’ve been on your feet for 13 hours straight. So put on your big girl shoes (or leopard print stilettos??) and get it sorted……(if you’re a girl that is * – )

The Collateral and Giveaways

Thankfully when you’re leading in these digital days you have heaps of resources available online. Repurpose them wherever possible, plan numbers, schedule print runs, ensure your innovative corporate videos will run on whatever infrastructure you’re given, and get into the finest nitty-gritty-details which will make or break it all on the day.

Lastly check everyone who says they’re going is actually going to pitch up – I know it’s hard being a software legend all over again  but surely a few days in Orlando won’t hurt ? Yes Frank Borland that does mean you ! Will you please get your A into G and send me your flight details so I can book your car and hotel?

And the giveaways ?  As I said I may well be handing out some special prizes – you’ll have to drop in, say hi and tell me how much you’ve enjoyed my blogging to find out! That’s still only one golf ball each then…..

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