“Game of Thrones:” DevOps Edition at Velocity NYC

This is my first time attending the tutorial day at a Velocity conference. It’s a small world as I’ve already met someone I met at DevOpsDays Atlanta and a couple of people I met at a Kanban for DevOps workshop back in Santa Clara a few weeks ago.

 The first session of the day covered using Jenkins in operations. I’m a big believer of using the right tool for the job so alarm bells were ringing in my head when I read the session description. This meant that it was a must see session for me.
The session didn’t disappoint. It was a good session but I didn’t agree with the use cases. It was a great example of “when the only tool you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.”  Jenkins excels in managing builds. Look at the UI how often is build referred to? There are better solutions for ops runbook automation.
The next session I went to was about using Sensu for painless metrics and monitoring in the cloud. I was very impressed with the preparation. A VM was provided for people to use when working through the examples.
The afternoon sessions were informative, although more in line with regular conference sessions than tutorials.

The day wrapped up with ignite sessions. Somehow I ended up presenting and had a lot of fun. The great thing for the audience is that the range of presentation topics varies wildly and yesterday was no exception. As my ignite was the least serious of the proposals I got to go last and presented Game of Thrones: DevOps Edition. Fortunately the audience enjoyed the topic and there were a fair few Game of Thrones fans in the audience. I’ll admit that presenting ignite sessions is becoming something I am starting to enjoy.

If you enjoy getting information in an entertaining format then I encourage you to attend our October DevOps Drive-In webcast which is a DevOps panel starring Damon Edwards from DTO Solutions and Dave West from Tasktop. Damon and Dave participated in an extremely entertaining panel at the Serena xChange13 user conference that was very well received.  You can see the webcast here.

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