Full House for DevOps at xChange12

The interest and importance of release management is evident among Serena’s customers.  Here at Day 1 of Serena xChange12 Global User Conference in the Release Management track, we had a packed house during Julian Fish’ “Integrating Service Management and Release Management for Dev and Ops” presentation.  Julian is the Product Owner for Serena Release Manager.  And in all the sessions we had great audience interaction!

In her Release Train presentation, Kim Beckham, Director of PMO, talked about Serena’s change to the use of our Release Train technology (part of Serena Release Manager) to improve product delivery.  Several attendees are looking at doing just the same, took lots of notes and asked many questions.  Great session!

The last session of the day was presented by Jack Leon, Development Manager, and he discussed the ITIL V3 compliant Definitive Media Library (DML) as provided in Serena Release Manager.

Stay tuned for more updates and customer experiences from xChange12!  In the meantime, learn more about Serena Release Manager, the Enterprise DevOps solution.

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