From COBOL to Mobile: The Evolution of Terminal Emulation (Infographic)

Mainframes, COBOL, dumb terminals, thick clients… There’s enough throwback computer lingo out there to make you yell “HLLAPI!” and don a pair of platform shoes.

But as old-fangled as those terms may sound, many of the technologies they reference stuck around long after Studio 54 closed its doors. In fact, several of them are still in use today and play a pivotal role in powering the world’s largest financial institutions, insurance carriers, healthcare providers, and government agencies.

It’s true! Every time you check your balance, file a claim, or slide a credit card, you’re benefiting from old – sometimes decades old – computing infrastructure, albeit with some significant modern enhancements.

Here at Attachmate, we’ve helped managers, IT pros, and everyday consumers leverage the power of these host systems since the early 1980s. And while we’ve long since expanded into myriad areas of enterprise technology, terminal emulation was our original focus and the primary driver of our initial success.

The thing is, host systems from previous computing eras can’t just disappear like bellbottoms, the Bee Gees, and the AMC Gremlin. They contain immensely valuable data and support processes on which the global economy depends. Terminal emulators are like the bridge that connects those “classic” computing systems to modern users with modern demands for speed, flexibility, and security.

To better understand the remarkable impact of terminal emulation and legacy host access over the last four decades, we invite you to check out our latest Infographic, The Evolution of Terminal Emulation:

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Just click on the image to zoom in.

Evolution_Of_Terminal_Emulation_v1 Download a hi-res (3.1mb) of this graphic here.Download a PDF slideshow of this graphic here.Creative Commons License
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