Free Your Deployments: Get Community Edition Free Forever

** Please note: The SDA Community Edition is no longer available.**

I’m excited to announce that we’ve made Serena Deployment Automation free for everyone…and free forever. The Community Edition provides full product functionality with deployment to 5 virtual or physical servers. You can add more end points for the new low price of just $1,499.

You can learn more about Serena Deployment Automation at

So, let’s get to the why, what and how of it all…


We’re making the Community Edition free for a few reasons. First, we believe we have the best application deployment automation tool of all, and we want to get it into hands of as many people as possible. Whether you are in application development and building out your continuous delivery toolchain, or you are in IT ops automating your production deployments, you want to use the best. Yes, you can try to do this with your own hand-built scripts and general purpose automation tools, but we think you are much better off using purpose-built tooling for the job. Now that you can get started for free, there’s no excuse to keep building automation from scratch.

Second, we are big believers in, and supporters of, the DevOps movement. We’ve been providing change management, configuration management, release management and deployment automation tools for years, and we know how important they are to automating everything but staying in control. We want to support all of you in the DevOps community with what until now has been a missing piece of the community toolchain: deployment automation. You can get free build and continuous integration tools, and we like Jenkins a lot, and you can get free infrastructure automation tools like Chef, but neither of those are perfect for the deployment steps in continuous delivery…whether into per-production or production environments. So, now you can put it all together without much effort. We provide plug-ins for Jenkins and Chef and some 50 other tools.


Serena Deployment Automation is a mature, successful commercial application that’s now on version 5. We are proud to have it in use by some of the biggest and most important enterprises around the world. While it’s “enterprise” enough for them, it’s easy enough for even a small team to use. When you download the Community Edition, you get the full product functionality. You get to deploy to five end points, which can be physical or virtual servers. You get support from the community of other Serena Deployment Automation users, and you get great documentation, help, samples and examples.

So, you are wondering, what don’t I get? Well, you don’t get access to our award-winning 24×7 technical support. As you can understand, we reserve those precious resources for our paid customers on the Professional Edition. But, you can easily become a paying customer with the low end point price of just $1,499. We are confident you will find the product exceeds your expectations for application-centric deployment technology, and that you’ll want to add more end points. That’s how we make money and pay our developers to build cool new capabilities for you and the rest of the community.


We’ve made it really easy to get started. Simply visit our website at, read up on Serena Deployment Automation and click to download the Community Edition. I highly recommend visiting our Get Started page, where we highlight the five simple steps to get started with Community Edition and get quickly to your first automated deployment.

My second big recommendation is to download the VirtualBox appliance version. You’ll have a Linux server with Serena Deployment Automation already installed and configured, sample processes and plugs-ins already baked in, and your first server agent already deployed. You can go from download to deploy pretty quickly. Of course, we also make the installation files for Linux and Windows available separately, so if you want to do the install and configuration yourself, go for it.

Finally, I encourage you to engage in the community to share your learnings, take advantage of the great content that’s already there, ask your questions and access updates and new add-ons. It’s always at


Now is a good time. Or later this evening. Or maybe on the weekend. This is a great opportunity to automate the next step in your continuous delivery journey to DevOps nirvana, so go for it.

Drop me a comment here or in the community. I look forward to hearing about your experience!

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