Banking on the future with Micro Focus Enterprise

The banking sector is facing a problem shared by many organizations, in every vertical, across the globe. It’s a problem shared by many of us who have bank accounts, especially at this time off year. Namely, how do you get more from what you already have?

The growing expectations of tech-savvy customers mean that FinTech organizations must find a way to adapt their long-established systems and processes which are invariably built around a mainframe system.

The rise of the ‘always on’ retail culture means that customers now want the same service from systems never designed for these demands as they do from those that were. A potential, or current customer looking for 24×365 access to innovative digital services is willing to switch bank to get them. This means the pressure is always on the bank’s IT department to deliver change ­- and quickly.

Banco Guayaquil of Ecuador recognised this need for speed in digital innovation. But understanding it and implementing it can be two different things. So they considered a number of options before selecting the Micro Focus Enterprise portfolio.

Old mainframe made modern

These unique products support mainframe application, process and infrastructure modernization. Using Enterprise Developer, a modern development IDE, preserves the value of COBOL systems. It fully supports agile processes, with Enterprise Server providing a cost-effective, platform-independent deployment environment fully compatible with the mainframe.

Banco Guayaquil now access their older COBOL applications in a new way. Using Micro Focus tech has enabled them to offer the mobile services customers demand, just as switching to an agile development process means they respond quickly in a dynamic and competitive market. Their new, flexible infrastructure is also able to scale more cost effectively to support a growing business.

View of the Malecon and Guayas River in Guayaquil, Ecuador. A perfect blend of old and new.

And this means?

They have found a way to bridge the gap between old and the new that many in the sector are looking for to meet their goal of becoming Ecuador’s leading digital bank. More here.

Find out more about the most exciting Micro Focus Enterprise update yet by listening to the launch webinar:


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