Exchange Server 2016—Features. Email Archiving.



The release of Microsoft Exchange 2016 was announced at this year’s Microsoft Ignite in Chicago. The final launch is expected for the end of 2015 after a public beta period starting in this summer. The new version of the mail server will bring a lot of exciting features and improvements in the areas of collaboration, productivity and modern data center.
Microsoft reacts to compliance needs of the market
Besides these areas Microsoft also focuses on compliance topics. The introduction of the Data Loss Prevention in Exchange 2013 already highlighted the importance of email archiving and compliance tools for organizations. With the new developments in Exchange 2016 Microsoft is trying to keep up with the fast-evolving market demand.
The efforts put into the topic by Microsoft show that archiving is becoming a must for every organization. Nevertheless, the usage of a dedicated third-party solution like Retain is still recommendable. That is mainly because archiving is not only about compliance. There is much more to it. An efficient archiving software also affects the productivity of the employees and the flexibility of the IT department.

GSX summarizes the most important news of Exchange 2016
Our strategic partner GSX summarized the most important new features of Exchange 2016 in a blog post on The article for example explains collaboration improvements, the new OWA and Hybrid environments.

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