Every change is an outage waiting to happen

Next month I will be presenting at the SHARE conference in Pittsburgh. The bi-annual event is the place to be to learn about the trends and tricks for developing modern applications on the mainframe.

No one knows better than the army of Change and Release Managers that guard the mainframe environment, just how risky it is to change anything on the mainframe. And no one knows better than they just how business threatening it is not to keep pace with the market and customer needs. Balancing these two forces has been at the heart of the mainframe world for 5 decades now.

My presentation takes a look at how the world of “change” (in all of its forms and meanings) is changing and suggests that we need to change the way we think about and react to change. If you would like to watch the presentation you can attend in person or you can watch it online on the SHARE website. After the conference the presentation will be available on the SHARE website and I will post the presentation here also.

As well as exhibiting at the conference we will be meeting with many customers to share one-on-one briefings about the exciting new version of ChangeMan ZMF that will be available later this year. If you’d like to schedule a one-on-one briefing  please let me know by emailing me at kparker@serena.com.

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