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… or why we’re moving away from whitepapers

Imagine this. You have spent many thousands of dollars developing a software product or solution that resolves pain points for a rich portfolio of potential customers. They need this product. Your messaging is finely honed to address different audiences. Now comes the tricky part – what’s the best medium for delivering those messages?

Our industry is about 50 years old and is growing at a faster pace than ever. And in that time our mechanism for demonstrating market relevance is invariably a lengthy, brow-furrowing analysis. Improving end user efficiency? Whitepaper. Bringing flexibility to agile development? Whitepaper.  But how can time-poor CIOs and IT Leaders spend hours reading a 12 page document telling them that they are, er, time-poor?

blogblogsmallAnd so on and so forth…

Sometimes, whitepapers are the best option for fully exploring a theme or idea. Micro Focus offers plenty of whitepapers, as do Borland. They are important for building credibility, and demonstrating the full understanding of a problem needed to convince the market – and our customers – that we have the solutions. But no-one ever wrote a cheque on the back of a whitepaper. At best, they may prompt a phone call, or a download. So what else is there? Tweets are too ephemeral, magazine articles are more approachable than whitepapers but opportunities are rare. Infographics have little substance. But there’s a better way.

Show me the money

Our blog is the go-to medium for complex ideas, simply expressed. It’s a quick-turnover platform so there is always some fresh content. Whether it’s part of a series or a here today, gone tomorrow one-off, the Micro Focus and Borland blogs are increasingly becoming the mouthpiece of both companies. And because we address many different audiences we need different voices – and the blog enables that flexibility. Whether it’s Derek Britton talking to mainframe owners, Chris Livesey talking to CIOs – or Frank talking to devs – then we have the platform and the messages to engage, inform and surprise you. And not a 12-pager in sight.

See you there.


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