Envelopes please…Serena Software Named Finalist for 2011 Jolt Awards!

I’m proud to announce that Serena’s Release Control product, a key component of the Serena Release Manager solution, has been recognized as a finalist for the 2011 Jolt Product Excellence Awards. For over 20 years, Dr. Dobbs magazine has recognized the tools and technologies that make software development a more efficient, rich and cost- saving endeavor. Serena Release Control is a finalist in the Design, Architecture and Planning category.

As explained by Dr. Dobb’s Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Erickson,
“Dr. Dobb’s Jolt Awards recognize the most innovative, trend-making, ahead-of-the-curve products in software development. From mobile phones to massive data centers, open source or proprietary, Jolt Award winners represent the products, books and technologies that “jolt” the industry with their significance.”

Winners will be announced in October and selected by a panel of software development experts, such as industry writers from Dr. Dobb’s and other leading application development outlets, analysts and other industry pundits. Serena is proud to have “Jolted” industry gurus and be named to this prestigious list!

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