Enterprise Release Management: Automated Deployments and the Big Iron

I’m not a golfer but every golfer has their favorite, most dependable iron. In Enterprise IT, its the mainframe. The mainframe has lasted over 50 years because of its resilience, dependability and because it just runs! The problem is that if you mention the word “Mainframe” to most IT professionals today their eyes glaze over and they get totally confused when terms like CICS, IMS or ISPF are mentioned. Deploying composite apps that have mainframe artifacts is currently an art reserved for the highly skilled. Serena Software recently held its quarterly Mainframe Virtual User Group and gave a demo on how Serena Release Manager’s Deployment Hub automates ChangeMan ZMF package deployments from a simple, easy-to-use graphical editor. Something any duffer like myself can do at a moment’s notice!


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