Enterprise-Level Continuous Improvement Leads the DevOps Transformation—One Month at a Time

We have discussed in previous blog posts the many issues and challenges facing large enterprise IT as it tries to satisfy the demands of the business. The marketplace in this digital economy is rapidly driving business requirements that traditional software practices can’t keep up with.  Today, software is a critical part of business success and the current software practices in most large enterprises cannot react and respond fast enough to add value to the business.

So how do IT executives lead and drive change to deliver the results required to meet business expectations? Gary Gruver provides a great framework on how IT executives can lead this transformation in his latest book, “Leading the Transformation: Applying Agile and DevOps Principles at Scale”.

What is very interesting is that Gary does not recommend to first implement Agile or Continuous Delivery.  He takes a very pragmatic approach by recommending first to quantify your business objectives and establish a culture of continuous improvement to measure and execute on the business objectives.  Gary gave an example that while he was at HP, they focused on monthly “sprints” with the business objectives cascading down to team prioritized work. With clearly defined business objectives and a continuous improvement process, large enterprises will be able to determine what areas need to be improved first and what practices and patterns need to be implement rather than just applying a Agile or DevOps practice and hoping to get the business results.

Watch this recording where Gary joins us on the Serena’s DevOps Drive-in on “Leading Agile and DevOps Transformation in Enterprise with Gary Gruver” to further discuss how IT executives can lead this transformation.  Come join us!

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