Enterprise Continuous Delivery: Where to Start?

DevOps turned five last October, and while five years seems like a long time in terms of the technology adoption lifecycle, DevOps and Continuous Delivery still seem perched on the Enterprise IT chasm. The Pragmatists get it. They are under pressure from the business to deliver business value faster, better and more cheaply and the Visionaries and Early Adopters have proven that Continuous Delivery fits the bill.

The problem is that Enterprise IT can be so diverse in so many areas. It can have many cultures, infrastructures, processes, tools, and ways of doing things, both old and new. It frequently has more than one of everything, and often consists of many companies or organizations that have little or no relationship to one another. It may be loosely or tightly coupled, or anywhere in between. The Pragmatists look out over their cubicles and don’t know where to begin. The hardest part of any journey is taking that first step.

At the April 30th DevOps Drive-in, join Steve LeWarne,  Serena’s Director of Solutions Architects, as he discusses the challenges of Continuous Delivery, best practices and where to start. Don’t miss it!

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