Embracing DevOps

Have you heard the news?  Serena just launched a raft of new capabilities that help our customers embrace DevOps.  Release automation targets now include VMware ESX and ESXi, plus Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure, to go along with an expansive existing set that includes Windows, Unix, Linux, Mainframe and Amazon’s cloud platform EC2.  Developers have great new self-service capabilities, now including environment provisioning.  And the capture and management of Change Request activity is darn near hassle-free.

Why is all this important?  Because DevOps is a rapidly mainstreaming approach to speeding up the pace of application enhancement.  Not just any applications, but mostly for Revenue Applications, those that customers use to directly transact with an enterprise.  RevApps are fundamental to how many industries go to market now, so the ability to rapidly evolve them becomes the ability to stay agile in the market.  Fail at that and not much else matters.

Serena has a long history helping enterprises with release management.  We also have a longer history than most at helping customers with modern release automation, and in thinking about how to embrace DevOps.  Our successful track record, combined with today’s announcement of the enhanced DevOps capabilities across Orchestrated IT 4.5, stands in contrast with recent announcements by CA Technologies and IBM.  Those two behemoths just bought their way into DevOps, marking the starting point for their learning curve and integration efforts.

Meanwhile we at Serena are marching along, building on our lead and helping customers successfully embrace DevOps, releasing more and better all along the way.

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