Don’t Ban Text Messages, Archive Them!

Banning text messaging in an organization is not the only answer to compliance or security problems. But it is the most common response. Despite your best efforts and policies, the pressure to allow texting will keep building. People will always find a way to text. Don’t ban text messages, archive them.

Like many organizations, most universities simply choose to turn off text messaging rather than risk a compliance violations, investigations, scandals or litigation. The NCAA has a strict policy regarding texting, this policy, in part, states, “Evolving technology presents unique challenges in recruiting. The NCAA position states new technology can be used so long as it complies with the spirit and, where updated, the letter of already existing guidelines. For example, schools cannot text prospective student-athletes at any time…” Because of this policy, many NCAA universities have completely banned athletic department staff from texting on mobile devices.

By monitoring and archiving mobile communications, you can turn texting back on and allow your employees to once again communicate effectively and appropriately via text.

Retain Mobile is the solution to meet your mobile communications needs. This solution is easy to implement and it will help you ensure regulation compliance and it will give you peace of mind in knowing that your organization’s mobile communications are archived and easily accessible in case of litigation or eDiscovery.

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