DMZ Streaming Plus

A recent blog post on titled “Managed File Transfer: File Transfers Using DMZ Streaming and Reverse Proxies,” does a great job at describing a couple of use cases in which an organization may wish to move files into and out of its corporate network, through the demilitarized zone or DMZ, without making those files come to rest in the DMZ.

DMZ streaming, as it is referred to in the blog post, provides both security benefits (no files need to reside in the DMZ, waiting to be delivered to their ultimate destination) and efficiency benefits (an inbound or outbound file transfer is a single step, rather than two steps).

What’s great is that today’s managed file transfer solutions can provide both DMZ streaming and enhance the business and security aspects of B2B file exchanges.  These solutions improve an organization’s ability to accommodate its partners and customers by offering a range of secure file transfer protocols on the frontend (client side) of the file transfer connection and converting on the backend to the protocols supported by the systems from which outbound files come, or on which inbound files are placed.  Additionally, managed file transfer solutions are able to mask details of the internal corporate network to outside users, protecting such information as internal account IDs, server names, file transfer protocols used by those servers, and file system paths.

When looking for secure and efficient methods for moving files into and out of your organization, these are all important considerations to pay attention to.

To learn about how Attachmate’s FileXpress streams files through the DMZ, provides protocol conversion, and obfuscates the details of your backend environment, check out the whitepaper “Secure Data Streaming with Attachmate FileXpress.”

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