Dimensions CM 14 Reveals Change Visualization & Peer Reviews (part 2 of 2)

Welcome to part two of our blog series on change visualization and Peer Reviews (Click here to read part one). We’ll look at how peer reviews will help developers gain confidence in the release readiness of their work and be empowered to share best practices between peers.

With a focus on the developer experience in Dimensions CM 14, Serena believes that Peer Reviews can unlock the potential of team members to share their learning and encourage teamwork, without becoming a hindrance and burden to getting actual work done.  We find that many organizations want to implement peer review, but struggle to find a good way to start. By streamlining this process within Dimensions CM we are making it accessible to development teams inside the tools that they use every day, making it easy for organizations to adopt this development best practice.

Dimensions CM Peer Review
The integrated Peer Review feature optimizes your code review process, improves team collaboration and drives development efficiency and quality. Peer reviews are automatically created and assigned to the right developers, enabling efficient communication and collaboration using a configurable workflow. Reviewers are provided with a checklist to ensure that coding standards and regulatory compliance are achieved. CM’s approach to peer review emphasizes both collaborative team work and the promotion of your development best practices.

Peer Review is often provided by a tool that is separate from your change and configuration management software, leading to multiple tools/interfaces that your developers need to use.  With the introduction of collaborative peer review as an integrated value added feature contained within Dimensions CM, we can seamlessly integrate peer reviews with the rest of the development process.  When making decisions about the release readiness of code, access to peer review status within the IDE gives developers confidence as they move code through the development process.

Dimensions CM Peer Review Interface
We wanted to create a Peer Review user interface that was modern and social, making it easy for reviewers to exchange comments including screenshots, links, lists etc.  But we also wanted to provide a high degree of process and control.  So the rules around when a review can complete are highly configurable; a full audit trail is recorded and we even provide a review checklist of standards and compliance items to be completed during the review.  This focus on process allows us to meet the needs of customers working in highly-regulated or lightweight environments in an accessible way.

The Dimensions CM 14 Beta 2 release is now available for those customers who’d like to try out the new Peer Review and/or Changesets features with opportunity to provide direct feedback. Simply email us by clicking here and we’ll send you the simple license agreement to complete before we send you links for the software download.

We also invite existing customers to join the Serena Dimensions CM 14 preview program. After registering your application to join this program, Serena will invite you to our various preview webinars and sneak peeks as we work our way towards final release in April 2014.

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