Digital Transformation: Why a Robust Partner Strategy Is Critical to Success

Over the past few weeks, I’ve written a series of blogs on digital transformation (DX).  The benefits of evolving your organization to become more digitally advanced are numerous, which is why it is perhaps the hottest topic now discussed in IT circles and in boardrooms. So what is Digital Transformation?

One key aspect of digital transformation (DX) that often doesn’t get the attention it deserves – from a vendor perspective – is the importance of working with partners (and alliances) for delivering optimal value to customers worldwide. Without a doubt, DX is not simple. It is often accomplished through the culmination of many related IT projects that overlap and are driven by numerous people within an organization who may have differing priorities.  Moreover, DX requires a broad set of expertise and IP, some of which IT vendors do not have in house.  That’s where partners come in, as a critical component of the value chain.

I wrote an article on this important topic called “It Takes a Village to Achieve Digital Transformation,” which was recently published in Channel Futures.  In this article, I write about the six critical attributes to look for in an optimal vendor/partner relationship.  Highlights of each include:

  • Portfolio Coverage: A technology portfolio that cross some (or all) of the four core pillars of DX: enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT management, security, risk & governance and predictive analytics
  • Alignment on Customer Success: Teams that take time to listen carefully to customer needs (via customer advisory boards, partner summits and more), and that are willing to evolve its roadmaps accordingly will have your back when it matters.
  • Breadth of Expertise: A broad – and global if you’re a multinational – partner network with expertise in all critical aspects of transforming the business is key over the long run
  • Architectural and Integration Strategies: Partnerships that prioritize flexibility and deliver architectural and integration strategies to help you bridge the old and the new are often better aligned to DX objectives.
  • Synergies and Teamwork: Ensure an IT vendor and its partner(s) are aligned, cross trained and have the tools and assets to be able to deliver a holistic solution.
  • Longevity and Viability: Because DX is accomplished with a long-term set of initiatives, make sure you identify a partnership that will support you through the entirety of your journey.

Micro Focus Delivers on the Above

We at Micro Focus have invested heavily in our alliance and partner ecosystem over the years, and with 4,000 partners worldwide, we are already in a strong position to deliver on the wide-ranging and diverse DX needs of our joint customers.  We also have invested significantly in 2019 to ensure our existing partners are even more successful.  For instance, earlier this year we launched a new program to streamline the ways they engage with us, and to deliver better assets and support to help them further grow their business.  The accompanying new partner portal is expected to receive 10,000 partner visits per month, and to grow even further over time.  Looking over the long run, we have deep talent in our Alliance and Partner team to sustain our strengths and build them out even further – as illustrated by one of our team members being announced as 2019 CRN Channel Chief, and another recently awarded One of CRN’s 2019 Women of the Channel.

To learn more about the Micro Focus partner program, click here.

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