#DevOpsLove Midway

Well, more than midway.  But isn’t that how it goes in a love affair, we forget the passage of time, besotted with thoughts of the other.  Or something like that.

Actually there is one week left in the three week #DevOpsLove contest and the competition is hot and heavy, so to speak.

Here are three of my faves.

  • Dev, Love means never having to say you’re sorry…to the Help Desk after 10,000 unnecessary calls, Ops – @Kaizeneer
  • Dear John, I’ve met someone. They know my needs, they continuously deliver, always on time. And they’re Agile! ‘Bye old life. – @KevinParkerUSA
  • Lets lets stay 2gether, loving u whether,whether times r good or bad,happy or sad ohh #Dev & #Ops 2gether 4ever!- @Krissy_r

Love how that last brings in some Al Green.  Love and soul, baby.  And DevOps.  Lots of DevOps.

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