DevOps Days Austin Focused on Culture

Last week I was in Austin attending my second DevOpsDays event of the year and it had a very different feel to DevOpsDays London.  It was the biggest DevOpsDays event yet with over 300 attendees and a reasonable amount of sponsors, Serena being one of them.

DevOpsDays Austin focused very much on culture, much to the frustration of some but I believe it is the right choice.  Unless you are fortunate enough to be in an environment that has a culture perfectly suited to DevOps, then focusing on technology alone will probably end in disappointment.

My co-workers who attended DevOpsDays Austin last year tell me that there were more staff from larger enterprises attending this year, which tracks with the general uptake of DevOps in the enterprise.  While DevOps is slowly gaining traction in the enterprise, I certainly see a lot of interest in tools to help bring DevOps to the enterprise.  Tackling culture at an enterprise scale is something of particular interest to me and something that I continue to think about.  There is no easy answer to cultural change at an enterprise scale, but it is great to see discussions in that area at DevOpsDays events.

Patrick Debois attended and gave a presentation on the future of DevOps. He even included the definition of a meme in his session and the description was quite surprising.  Patrick always delivers great sessions and didn’t disappoint with this one.

The Ignite talks and Open Spaces were thought-provoking and full of useful information.  A particularly interesting session was on monitoring.  Jenny Yang and Toufic Boubez of Metafor Software facilitated this discussion, which was lively and informative.  You can read Toufic’s blog post on the subject.

On the second day I presented an Ignite session. Let me tell you, they are much harder to prepare for and do than a regular speaking slot.  My session on “DevOps when you can’t hire the A-Team” focused on breaking out of what I call the DevOps bubble and how to leverage open source and commercial software to achieve DevOps success.

Patrick is posting videos of the event to vimeo.

Finally, thanks to the folks at Puppet Labs for getting me to participate in their 3PM push-up session!  No photos were taken that I know of, and in all honesty, I’m okay with that!

I’m looking forward to DevOpsDays Mountain View. Hope to see you there.

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