DevOps meets #DevDay

Have you heard?  Micro Focus #DevDay is officially back with a brand new schedule and fresh line-up of tech content for the modern software developer.  Even more exciting is the new theme for this year’s event series—Enterprise DevOps. What is Enterprise DevOps though and what does this mean for you—the COBOL, mainframe or open systems developer? Should you attend and what can you expect? And what would you learn from this year’s event?

Back and Better than Before

#DevDay is the must attend event for the enterprise developer seeking to maintain and modernize business critical applications using the latest tools and technologies. If you’re using Visual Studio, Eclipse, .NET, Java, REST, RDBMS or web, mobile and cloud solutions today (or planning to) and preparing your future application strategy; then #DevDay is the place for you.  Packed with technical content covering the latest in COBOL and Mainframe development, this community event provides the opportunity to connect with subject matter experts, fellow developers, and IT professionals. Sharing best practices, customer stories and lessons learned is favorite element within the #DevDay experience.  This year’s event seeks to expand that community through new content alongside a new focus-DevOps.

DevOps meets #DevDay

The pace of IT (and business) has changed.  Increased competition, new technology and globalization fuel new business requirements which IT must quickly deliver.  Success requires a new approach to software delivery—a strategy that seeks to optimize the flow of work, establish faster feedback loops and foster a culture of continuous improvement across IT and the business. This is DevOps. But are DevOps practices for a startup the same for an established enterprise? Why Devops for the enterprise needed and how is it different? Subject matter experts at #DevDay examine why these modern delivery practices have soared in popularity but also how enterprise teams can embrace its principles and practices to move faster and deliver better software. We’ll also introduce the concept of a software deployment pipeline, it’s significant and why understanding your individual pipeline(s) is a key component to a successful DevOps project.

Whether you’ve built enterprise software for years or are just entering the profession, #DevDay for DevOps gives you the solid foundation to explore or expand a DevOps initiative in your enterprise.  Agile development, continuous integration and continuous delivery are constant and visible themes throughout the day’s discussions and technical demonstrations.  Story-driven demos show how DevOps practices can be leveraged across distributed, mainframe or cloud based infrastructures.  SMEs will also discuss how to address the unique software delivery challenges within enterprise IT.  Essentially, the more complex your software delivery process, the greater the need for a flexible, adaptive and integrated DevOps toolchain.  As an attendee, you’ll see how a broad range of Micro Focus solutions easily interoperate with popular agile, SCCM and test management solutions enabling you to build the right DevOps strategy (and toolchain) for your business.

Culture is Key

Although important components to DevOps, lasting success requires more than just tooling and best practices.  DevOps in the enterprise demands a shared commitment (and oftentimes a champion) to establish the right culture and teamwork. Building that shared vision, fostering feedback and cross team collaboration is critical to a establishing that culture of continuous improvement.  Join us for a special ‘Ask the Experts’ roundtable discussion on this subject.  Explore and share your ideas.  Discuss how to break through these organizational barriers and build a new culture focused on teamwork and shared success. Check out the full #DevDay agenda here.

A Bigger Community

As you can see, there’s lots to discuss and discover at the new #DevDay.  Whether a developer, QA or testing professional or operations engineer, you’ll have an opportunity to engage with experts and the latest technology to help you improve your skills and deepen your knowledge.  But this year’s #DevDay isn’t just for Devs.  Bring along your QA and Ops colleagues too. Use this opportunity to collaborate, network and learn together. Now experienced by over 2,000 developers and a growing global phenomenon, #DevDay is your technical event.  Seize this opportunity and Save your Seat at the next event.

Thanks to our loyal tech community, #DevDay has never really left, but it’s back in 2017 with even better content and technical education designed especially for you – the Enterprise DevOps techies.

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