DevOps in the “Traditional Enterprise”

My expectations for Velocity 2013 were high, based on my experience at Velocity 2012.  Once again, the folks from the Ops side of the house were out in force asking plenty of insightful questions.  This year I signed up to host a “birds-of-a-feather” session (more commonly known as a BOF) on DevOps in the traditional enterprise.  The session had good attendance; it was great to see interest from companies that have been around for a long time and don’t have their roots in high tech.

For the most part, agile adoption is ramping up and cultural changes that help companies be more responsive are already underway.  A good example of this is developers sharing responsibility for systems once the systems are in production.  It’s amazing what gets fixed when developers are on call.  Having been part of a “SWAT” team in the past, I can attest that I wanted to make sure my areas of responsibility were as robust as possible before they got anywhere near production.

As the session went on, it became apparent that while there is plenty of information out there on DevOps for tech companies, there is little information to help traditional “brick and mortar” companies become more agile.

As Serena has a long history working with the enterprise, we hope to help our customers deliver business value faster by helping them transition to a more agile way of working: a process-based approach to release management.

You can learn more by joining us for our monthly DevOps Drive-in Webcast Series.

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