DevOps at 5 – Ready to Cross the Chasm?

As the DevOps movement approaches its 5 year anniversary, the question remains: is the movement ready to cross the chasm into mainstream IT?

Stories of unicorns abound, and if we believe the vendors and early adopter case studies for the enterprise, we would be feeling that we are on the other side of the chasm, ready to get inside the tornado, change the culture and charge right into continuous delivery.

But has the transition happened from visionary to pragmatist?  Where are we with DevOps in year 5? Where will we be in year 10?  The movement has its share of innovators and visionaries. We have invited one of them, Patrick Debois, who first coined the term “DevOps,” to Serena’s DevOps Drive-in on August 20thto give his views of the current and future state of DevOps.  See you there!

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