Deploy Fast, Deploy Easy (especially in Boston and New York)

Delivering business value means delivering the finished product. Done means released into production, and Continuous Delivery is all boosting your ability to deliver faster into production.

In order for you to deliver, you need to deploy fast and deploy easy. Fast deployments ensure fast feedback, enabling you to fix, enhance or change the product as fast as the market requires and faster than your competitors. This is market pull rather than company push. A system that pulls rather than pushes needs to not only be fast but also easy. It has to be easy because every check-in could be a release candidate.

Development teams have been developing and building applications quickly and easily through Continuous Integration and often using Jenkins. But, now they need to automate the rest of the deployment pipeline in order to get to Continuous Delivery.

If you are interested in reducing your cycle times and improving your application quality, and you live near Boston or New York, we invite you to join us at the Jenkins User Conference US East on June 18 in Boston and at the CloudBees “How to Accelerate Innovation with Continuous Delivery” seminar on June 19 in New York City.

We are very excited to partner with the host of both of these events, CloudBees, to help you deliver on the promise of Continuous Delivery. Come see CD in action!

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