Democratizing VC Funding and Accelerating Diversity in the World of Tech Start-ups.

A month already?

It’s been a month now since we first launched our INSPIRE 20 Podcast series, and we are so happy to see how many of you have listened and connected with us over our first two podcasts – we are excited to keep showcasing these inspirational executives, as we continue together to listen, learn and help advance the overall inclusion and diversity agenda in the tech industry.

With that I am super excited to introduce Podcast #3 in our series: Democratizing VC Funding and Accelerating Diversity in the World of Tech Start-ups.

Each year there are thousands of new tech start-ups and billions of dollars invested in founders and their ideas. However, according to Female Founders Fast Forward, or F4 founder June Manley and team’s research less than 3% of venture capital funding actually goes to start-ups led by female founders and underserved minorities. So, if we want to challenge ourselves to ensure that inclusion and diversity is at the forefront from the classroom to the boardroom surely getting at this challenge is key? And that’s the focus of the third podcast in the INSPIRE 20 series. Listen in to an interview with June Manley, founder of F4. Hear how not only have F4 in partnership with Northeastern Level Education developed SiMi™ (Startup Investment Model Index) which is like a FICO Score® for Startups designed assess, inform, and empower startup founders on venture investability—outside of gender, race, or other identities by focusing purely on the state-of-the-startup. They continue to be a voice for change in the industry producing primary and secondary research, bringing diverse voices together to advocate for change and helping create a community of likeminded tech investors.


Boosting workplace culture

June will share her stories where as a young girl she grew up in Calcutta, India and attended the same school where Mother Theresa taught through to her experiences in tech, and now the role she, and she hopes F4 can play in ensuring equality for all is a reality when it comes to venture capital funding and the overall tech sector.

June’s inspirational words and passion for change will have you looking into F4 to find ways you can help the organization to further improve your own workplace culture!

As June says, it is time to make equality for all a reality.

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