Customers Always Say it Best: #5 Mark Stewart, Interthinx

This is the last in the “Customers Always Say it Best” series of postings. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed listening again to our customers. Thank you for all the feedback. We will certainly be doing more of this as the year moves forward. For those of you asking where you can register to be part of xChange13, go to

But, back to Mark Stewart and the incredible things they are doing at Interthinx. Risk mitigation is a multi-billion dollar business today. Organizations cannot afford to have holes in their business processes and so forensic audits are now part of everyday life for all public (and most private) companies in the world.

Mark has a great anecdote about just how efficient it is possible to become when one can optimize and automate processes. Listen for the “No available work” error message story. Click on the play button in the image above or watch the video on Serena’s YouTube Channel.

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