Customers Always Say it Best: #4 Max Perez, MIQ Logistics

Logistics is the lifeblood of modern life. Most of us did our holiday shopping online and it was the worldwide logistics infrastructure that got those gifts where they needed to go. For MIQ, operating on four continents, customer service is a real differentiator for them. And MIQ’s ability to use technology effectively is a differentiator for MIQ’s customers, as they say, “Supply chain solutions for the speed of innovation.”

For our fourth posting in the “Customers Always Say it Best” series I thought we would hear about what it takes to revitalize the infrastructure of an organization. Most of us have an accretion of technologies that we have inherited and customized to the hilt. But, just like our much loved and faithful car from our college days, eventually we realize that it is time to get up to date with something safer, faster, easier to use and cheaper to maintain.

Take careful note of what Max Perez of MIQ Logistics has to say about the confusion and frustration users can experience when service management is not supported with great technology and the impact it has on any business. Click on the play button in the image above or watch the video on Serena’s YouTube Channel.

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