Customers Always Say it Best: #3 Eric Kunkel, MMA Technologies

Thank you for the feedback on this blog series that examines how Serena gains insight from our customers into where our solutions need to develop. I have tried to respond to every one of the emails but apologies if I missed one. This time I thought we’d take a little sidestep and hear from one of our partners.

MMA Technologies is based in New Jersey. The team comprises of seasoned experts in the field of Release Management with decades of experience delivering business-critical applications into production for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Eric Kunkel of MMA Technologies builds some of the most advanced and sophisticated processes and automations that deliver results through shortening delivery times, improving quality and making visibility and control consistent.

But it is better if you hear this directly from Eric. He has some powerful metrics to share.  Click on the play button in the image above or watch the video on Serena’s YouTube Channel.  Then learn how Serena and MMA work together to build world class release management teams in DEV and OPS.

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