Customers Always Say it Best: #1 Ken Vane, Navy Federal Credit Union

We call our customer conference xChange because it is an opportunity to exchange ideas and insights. It is a once-a-year coming-together of the customer’s best and brightest with Serena’s leadership and development teams. We take time to learn from the customers as much as we have new information to impart.

In this 5-episode blog series I am going to introduce you to some of the key contributors that have helped shape and frame Serena’s direction. Through their experience and knowledge we have created leading solutions to businesses technology issues.

Our first contribution comes from Ken Vane at Navy Federal Credit Union. Like most organizations, Navy Fed is trying to maximize the effectiveness of the development community from requirements to deployment. Let’s hear from Ken about what it takes to get better insight, control and traceability for its entire development process. Click on the play button on the image above or watch the video on Serena’s YouTube Channel.

Learn how you can become part of the xChange or see just how Serena helped make Navy Fed a leader in software development. If you have ideas or comments about this series of blog posts please contact me at or write a comment below.

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