Could the US Airways Lewd Tweet Have Been Prevented?

Needless to say, this is a public relations nightmare for US Airways, however, with the right software solution, this situation would have never happened. Could the US Airways Lewd Tweet Have Been Prevented? Yes! The lesson to be learned is that your organization needs a solution that monitors and filters social media content! If US Airways would have had a social media monitoring solution three things would have happened:

  1. The original tweet would have been filtered (meaning, it would have never been allowed on the network, and therefore impossible to link to a tweet)
  2. The US Airways tweet would have never been posted
  3. The scandal would have been avoided

Don’t be the next US Airways, take steps to filter your social media content today.

The GWAVA Solution

GWAVA provides web content filtering with its GWAVA Messaging Security product. This solution allows your organization to monitor, filter and block content that is viewed or posted to social media. The content is filtered based on parameters that you set, as well as default settings, giving you the ability to stop illicit, pornographic, violent or company sensitive content before it is ever posted to social media. In other words, with GWAVA, you can avoid the next social media scandal!

Here is an example of a social media post being blocked by GWAVA

blog US Airways April16 2014

For more information about web content filtering with GWAVA and to learn how this solution can help you prevent social media blunders, harassment and other inappropriate situations, check out this one sheet, “Top 4 Reasons for Web Traffic and Content Filtering”, or visit

Read more about the US Airways lewd tweet here:

Photo Credit: FAIL stamp by Hans Gerwitz is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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