Continuous Testing: Is it Soup Yet? Join Our Live Webcast to Find Out

How does a developer know when they are done?.

How does a business know that their new application or feature does what the customer wants it to do? By testing. Testing is a cross functional activity that involves the whole team and should be done continuously from the beginning of the project. It serves as the gauntlet that a committed change has to run and pass in order to be considered worthy for release.  While testing is a major key ingredient of Continuous Delivery and the deployment pipeline, it seems to get less DevOps airplay than culture, continuous integration and deployment automation.  It’s time to change that.

We have invited our newest partner, Soasta, the leader in continuous testing technology, to talk to this subject on our next live DevOps Drive-in webcast on November 20th. Join us to hear how continuous testing helps accelerate application delivery.


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