Competitive Advantage Gained from Release Automation

I just met with a Fortune 1000 customer who recently implemented Serena’s Release Management solution with great success. This leading provider of information services is using Serena’s Release Vault and Release Automation to automate deployment of their mission critical applications from development through to the production environment.  I wanted to share some of the business benefits being realized.

Historically, it took 30 to 60 days to release a new application into production and a team of 25 people to execute the manual tasks and scripts required to complete the production deployment.  With Serena’s Release Management solution, the manual effort for a production deployment has been reduced by 60% and application releases are now deployed in 24 hours or less.  This faster cycle time provides a major competitive advantage for our customer.  Based on this success, this customer is expanding the use of the Serena solution across their application portfolio.  By year end, 90% of their revenue ($1.5B) will be generated by the application deployed with Serena.

It’s incredibly satisfying to speak to customers realizing this level of business value.  In a recent survey of our customers, 52% of respondents told us they are using Serena solutions to deploy their applications into production.  We’ll be sharing more of these customer stories in future posts.

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