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Since its launch on 20th January 2011 the Micro Focus Community has seen a steady rise of participation and contributions. Thank you for taking the time to participate and, more importantly, provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.

We have gone through all your feedback and have now released a series of updates to the community site. We hope you will like the changes!

Here is a quick summary of the changes you may experience:

Search: We have improved our searching algorithms to make it even faster, and especially more accurate. Try it for yourself the next time you are looking for details.

Subscriptions: You can now subscribe to content types such as forums and articles and blogs, and also receive daily/weekly/monthly digests of information from your subscriptions. Follow your favourite forum threads without having to keep logging back in each time.

Event registrations: You can register for upcoming events, webinars, launches etc. through the community. Simply use your community ID to register for events and forget having to fill out forms every time you want to join us.

ViewStream: We are delighted to announce our new ViewStream platform for webinars and on-demand videos. All our webinars and on-demand videos will be moved to this HTML and flash enabled platform over time. You will no longer need to download livemeeting clients to join us or toggle between PC and phone bridge. All webinars will be delivered to you directly within our community site. You can also watch recordings of previous or missed webinars and leave comments/questions/feedback and follow up within the community.

Social Sharing: You will now find that you can share all your favourite content with 1-click to your various social networks such as Twitter/Facebook/Linked-in.

We are continuing to develop the community to improve your experience and the value to you. We appreciate your comments and feedback, so please keep them coming!

If you have not joined the community yet, sign up now at

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