ChangeMan ZMF 8.1 – mainframe dev just got way cooler

The best just got better.

With the release of ChangeMan ZMF 8.1 a new era of software development becomes possible for the mainframe. With over 400 customer requested ideas implemented and groundbreaking innovations in cross-platform SDLC support, this release makes managing software development, from idea to deployment more streamlined, more automated and more reliable than ever.

Leading enterprises are under pressure to deliver innovation rapidly to satisfy their customers, while maintaining high quality and integrity, and reducing cost and risk. Agility and accelerated application delivery is required but companies struggle to deliver mainframe changes at the pace that the business demands. New Serena ChangeMan ZMF v8 capabilities enable mainframe application teams to deliver faster and at lower cost without compromising the enterprise scalability or security.

Here are some highlights:

  1. Release and Deploy Support For Eclipse and Windows Clients

Serena ChangeMan ZMF 8.1 provides development, release and deployment support for both Eclipse and Windows environments. Developers, release managers and business stakeholders can manage mainframe deployments and releases from a distributed client. Development teams can develop code and manage changes as they transition across environments.

  1. Support for High Level Language Customization Exits (HLLX)

Customer-specific business rules can be implemented in COBOL, REXX or any other high-level language. Pre- and post-exits are implemented at strategic points within the ChangeMan ZMF workflow and are implemented and executed across both mainframe and distributed clients.

“We tested the HLLX feature and were extremely impressed at the flexibility in which we could modify the behavior of ChangeMan ZMF. This allows us to leverage the development process as a clear competitive differentiator.”

  1. Global Application Administration Update

Simplified administration means setup and deployment of ChangeMan ZMF instances can be done in minutes ensuring dev and test teams always have the right resources when they need them

  1. Global Application Administration Update

Over 450 additional feature enhancements improving performance, security, usability, development and administration are included

As the most innovative release in more than a decade ChangeMan 8.1 sets the standard that all others can only aspire to. This is the ideal solution for mainframe teams that are under pressure to deliver high-quality, valuable software in an efficient, fast and reliable manner.

ChangeMan ZMF 8.1 highlights the continued investment that Serena Software is making in this strategic product used by hundreds of the world’s most important companies.

And there is more just around the corner. Watch out for next month’s release of ChangeMan 8.1 Client-Pack.

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