Change & Release Management is the New Game Changer

While the Agile revolution isn’t done yet, the methodology is rather widely adopted now in development organizations.  This is especially true when what are being developed are Revenue Applications, apps that are directly used by customers in the course of business.

The game changer for winning the RevApp race has thus moved downstream to Change & Release Management.  Efficiently capturing Change Requests, triaging those CRs, routing and fulfilling them are part of the solution.  So is automating  deployments of both application and operational changes.  Fail at this and it doesn’t matter how agile your dev is.

The good news is that new tools and orchestration systems are available to enable you to wildly succeed at CR Management.  And now Serena is making available a webinar to explain the thought process you’ll want to understand to underpin that wild success.

On March 19th, Forrester Research Analyst Glenn O’Donnell will reveal 5 Simple Steps to Improving Change and Release Management Now.  He will focus on five actions for success:

  1. Standardizing processes
  2. Revamping the CAB
  3. Packaging releases
  4. Automating changes and releases
  5. Altering incentives

Be sure to tune in on March 19th. We’ll also provide you with a 10-minute tour of how Serena’s software can help you streamline your change and release management processes.

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