Budget Optimization Summit



Written by Tod Tompkins

Today’s entry will be quick, but I wanted to bring to your attention an important event that is taking place in Washington, DC this week focused on strategies for saving money by determining intellectual property embedded in legacy systems and establishing connectivity and readiness to cloud-based architectures. Full disclosure, my company is a sponsor of the event, but the Budget Optimization Summit is bringing together a number of current and former government CIOs, CFOs, and other technology leaders to “share how federal agencies can cut through the rhetoric of IT fads and get to the heart of strategic value and IT operational cost savings.”

A sample list of the speakers, include:

  • Dorothy Aronson, Acting Director, Division of Information Systems, National Science Foundation
  • Kristyn Jones, Director for Financial Information, Office of the Assistant Secretary, Department of the Army
  • Amy Northcutt, Chief Information Officer, National Science Foundation
  • Scott Quehl, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration, Department of Commerce
  • Simon Szykman, Chief Information Officer, Department of Commerce
  • Mike Wash, Chief Information Officer, National Archives and Records Administration

Topics of discussion will touch on IT modernization, extending the life legacy systems, financial management transformation, and outsourcing vs. insourcing…all with a focus on true cost savings in the near term. This type of event – which is free to attend by the way (how could it not be given the topic) – is critical to help facilitate discussion around cost savings. I highly recommend attending. Registrations can be made here.

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