Bringing DevOps to the Next Generation of IT Professionals

Last week, Dave Nielsen (@davenielsen) ran a series of five classes on Cloud Computing for Mid-Pacific ICT’s California Community College Faculty Development Week.  As part of the series, Dave invited me to lead the Cloud App Deployment Workshop, which covered DevOps in the cloud.

The faculty members were really engaged and got to work on manual deployments to the cloud.  They experienced their own version of a “million dollar meeting,” where a large group of people were collaborating to deploy a release successfully.  They then used Amazon OpsWorks cloud platform and saw how easy it was to deploy an application to the cloud when there was a concept of application and environment modeling provided.

It was great to work with a group of teachers who are passionate about giving their students real world skills and understanding of how those skills map to business requirements.

I’m extremely grateful that Serena was supportive of my participation as a volunteer at this event and I’m excited at the prospect of working with Dave again to present this class elsewhere.

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