Bridging the Dev and Ops Divide – Serena’s New Solutions

The human psyche is overtaking the bells and whistles of technology – finally!  IT leaders are shifting away from the focus of technology to an emphasis on business demands and user expectations.  Think about it.  Your IT organization probably receives a barrage of different requests that are either application development- or operations-related.  The gap between Dev and Ops makes fulfillment and deployment challenging enough, let alone executing either at a speed that keeps your organization competitive.

Well, the “Dev and Ops Divide” has just narrowed with the release of two breakthrough solutions: Serena Service Manager and Serena Release Manager.

Serena Service Manager provides an easily configurable and flexible process-based approach to delivering IT services, along with a unified service portal, and integrated service management dashboards.  The business user interface, Serena Request Center, gives end users one convenient view of all the services available to them and offers IT one funnel for routing requests.

Serena Release Manager dramatically speeds application delivery and introduces a new visual enterprise release calendar for both application development and IT operations.  Both solutions are fully integrated and build upon Serena’s Orchestrated Application Delivery product strategy, which emphasizes process and automation.

Dev and Ops Divide.  What Dev and Ops divide?

Get more information about our new ITSM and ALM solutions.  On this page, you’ll find links to 2-minute demos, the full press release and an invitation to attend a webcast series on best practices for IT operations.

And for even more, tune into Serena’s YouTube channel.  Watch Serena experts demonstrating Serena Release Manager and Serena Service Manager.  Ben Cody, VP of Service Management Solutions, shares in detail the exciting features in Serena Service Manager.  Plus, you’ll see a video of me explaining why Orchestrated Application Delivery and Release Management are resonating so well with our customers.

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