Boom in Mobile Workforce Predicted




New mobile technology continues to crop up. From laptops to smartphones to tablets, it seems like every few months there is a new version that increases the user’s capabilities. These capabilities are not only being realized on the consumer side; the business side is also realizing them.

These emerging technologies are shifting the way people work and driving a mobile workforce. In fact, IDC just released a report, “Forecasts Estimate Strong Growth in Mobile Workforce,” that predicts mobile workers will increase worldwide to more than one-third of the global workforce. According to IDC, the number of mobile workers in the Americas is expected to increase by 16 percent, from 182.5 million to 212.1 million, between 2010 and 2015.

The demand to access information remotely in the enterprise will continue to present IT departments with problems surrounding accessibility, which we discussed in our previous post, “Enterprise Mobile Applications.” However, being aware of this predicted growth can help IT departments plan for the future, utilizing tools that can help alleviate that pain. We have solutions on our website that can help.

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