Bloor Research Has Serena’s ALM Story Nailed

When I was in London on the App Vision World Tour I met with David Norfolk of Bloor Research. David and I have met many times over the years and I do enjoy sparring with him. He has great insight, is really well connected in the tech community and has a wealth of real world experience.

In the interview he was eager to hear about how Serena saw the future and how we were executing against that. In his excellent blog post he captured perfectly the strong Orchestrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) messaging and vision that is driving Serena.

David’s key insight in his post is that “process improvement will be a key characteristic of next generation development.” As more application development organizations become increasingly globalized, making the end to end process efficient is essential to controlling costs and increasing the speed of application delivery.

He also interviewed Robert Cowham, Chair of the BCS CMSG (Specialist Group for Change, Configuration and Release Management), who thinks “the new pitch around orchestration seems much more real and consistent with a company focused around tools and solutions for managing application lifecycles.”

With great new products and a host of successful customers already implemented there is a renewed sense of energy and excitement in the corporation. And with some very high profile wins against well-funded competition Serena continues to demonstrate its technology leadership.

Read David Norfolk’s entire blog post, “Welcome Back Serena.”

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