The Return of “Big Mo” to Micro Focus

What is it?

Even the casual sports fan has seen the effects of momentum on the ebbs and flows of a sporting event.  When one team has momentum, they seem to have everything go their way and are firing on all cylinders.  This phenomenon came to be known in the 1960s as “The Big Mo.”  Since that time, the term has been extended from sports to many other types of activities in which momentum plays an important role, such as during political campaigns, social upheavals, economic cycles, and more.

Similarly, Big Mo can also be applied to the status of a company.  When it is present, the organization is motivated and performing with precision.  The players (staff) are all bound by a common vision, understand their roles, and are prepared to support the overall strategy with a sense of passion.  And the coaches (management) are laser focused on executing the game plan, and adding resources to support success and removing roadblocks that impede sustained progress.

Have we got Big Mo? Since when?

In late January, Big Mo officially resurfaced at Micro Focus when the company announced a key milestone in helping customers address digital transformation (DT), with a specific focus on delivering a holistic set of solutions that address the four core elements of DT: Enterprise DevOps, Hybrid IT Management, Predictive Analytics, and Security, Risk & Governance.  These solutions, which can be integrated together and with existing legacy systems, is unique in a market largely dominated by point solutions that are often not interoperable and only address a specific portion of the collective IT needs. What is Digital Transformation?

Analysts were immediately supportive:

“As one of the largest software companies in the world, Micro Focus is in a strong position to help customers deal with the key elements of digital transformation. With a core of backwards-compatible technology, they may be best suited for companies with a mix of contemporary and legacy systems, allowing organizations to evolve at their own pace and leverage existing investments and processes.”

– Barbara Peck, Principal Analyst, Nucleus Research

The media also has taken notice, with almost 200 articles appearing worldwide that reinforce the story.  Here are just a couple of examples from around the globe:

– TechRadar Pro (UK): Getting to the “how” of digital transformation
– IT Brief (Australia): How enterprises must transform to survive
– Solutions Review (US): Micro Focus Introduces Solutions for Digital Transformation
– InfoPoint Security (Germany):  Micro Focus unterstützt digitale Transformation mit 4 Kernbereichen

Even our key partners have connected with this news, and are now actively engaging with us to align to, and supplement, this vision.

This combined groundswell puts Micro Focus in a strong position for 2019 and beyond.  With Big Mo on our side, a cohesive strategy to deliver the core pillars of DT, a mindset of placing our customers first and developing software aligned to their needs, plus the deep resources and portfolio of seventh-largest pure-play software company in the world, good things are bound to happen.

To learn more about Micro Focus and its digital transformation strategy, go to: or find me on Twitter if you want to discuss any of this directly.

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