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During a recent Q&A session with the HPE Software team, I shared my vision for the future of HPE’s software business, which is to “provide our customers with a portfolio of best-in-class, enterprise-grade, and scalable software with analytics built in.”  During the session, I called out one of the elements of that vision that I am most excited about – big data analytics.

Big data analytics is fast becoming a baseline for IT Software. Customers want to be able to quickly search, find, automate and make decisions using big-data analytics. Vertica sits at the core of our “analytics built in” strategy. It helps customers move from being reactive to being proactive and predictive by enabling query execution at extreme scale and unleashing the power of open source frameworks such as Hadoop.

Vertica is—and will continue to be—one of the most prevalent big data analytics OEM platforms in the industry. It leads the pack in structured, real-time analytics at scale like no other. That’s why I am excited to announce our new destination for all things Vertica:

This is a one stop shop where customers, prospects and data enthusiasts can go to learn more about the power of Vertica and see how organizations such as DreamWorks, Etsy, Uber and many more use the power of Vertica to take their businesses to the next level.

Check it out at

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